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Danilo McGarry has started, ran and advised the world's largest Ai, GenAi and Digital Transformation programs. He is recognised as top 200 business innovators, top 50 most influential people in Ai as well as a thought leader by The Times. He is also a TED speaker. His knowledge is helping millions of people around the world to learn more about technology and Ai.

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Danilo McGarry Ai GenAi Speaker Top 20 in the world


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Ted Sullivan, Principal, GXG


"Danilo served as an advisor to a leading bank in their digital transformation strategy planning sessions and quickly became a respected and valuable contributor gaining the respect of C level participants. He helped shape the bank’s strategy and operating model which is paramount to their continued success and staying relevant in the competitor landscape."
Xuan Liao CMO - Americas, Roboyo


"Danilo's abilities to explain complex technical solutions in a business-friendly manner that can engage and delight any audience. I admire his ever-expanding appetite for knowledge and his openness to share new ideas and help others with their goals. Above all, he is a great human being and my go-to guru for emerging technologies."
Leigh Hussain CEO - Inspired Media


"Danilo McGarry is one of the world's best Generative Ai speakers. He has been there and done it, running some of the world's largest Ai programs in companies that run global economies. He solves and organizes complex transformative programs into bitesize deliverables that scale quickly. He is a genius at building synergies between technologies, strategy, structure, governance and culture."
Leigh Hussain CEO - Inspired Media


"What stuns me about Danilo is his depth of thought. The way that he can connect ideas from disparate industries and present them in ways that everyone can understand sets him apart as a Thought Leader and world-class Keynote Speaker. He is a leading light in the industry and my go-to person for industry trends and developments."
Leigh Hussain CEO - Inspired Media


"Danilo has the rare ability to operationally turn around companies and significantly grow them internationally – he proved it across industries and geographies. He has the entire executive tool box under his belt and implements super efficiently"
Ursula, Chief Data and Architecture Officer


"Danilo served on our advisory board where he advised us on the creation of a comprehensive strategy to support our AI, Automation and technology teams. He was instrumental in the development of our AI transformation strategy. His knowledge and access in this space is truly world class. It was a pleasure interacting and working with him"
Leigh Hussain CEO - Inspired Media

Guy Nadivi

"Danilo’s track record of producing outsized results with cutting edge technology at his current & prior roles might be unprecedented. In his 15 year career in this space he has overseen hundreds of transformation projects that to date have delivered circa $250 million in savings and counting. That is true transformation"

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My speech on TED talks

As AI becomes increasingly 'human-like,' what does it reveal about our own unique essence? Drawing from two decades of global AI leadership, Danilo McGarry delves into the symbiotic relationship between AI's advancement and human evolution, posing provocative questions that challenge our understanding of both technology and humanity

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